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Why Us?

  • Employees are a critical part of nearly every business. They represent you, believe in you, and help make your business work. They are integral to your success, and having good employees helps make your job just a little bit easier.

  • Why trust us with providing your workers and human resource assistance? We know how important a good workforce is, and we are passionate about providing the best services that will suit your needs.

Benefits of using AgriStaff USA

  • We are dedicated to your success

  • We place employees where they are most likely to succeed and attain career goals

  • We advertise, recruit, and screen all candidates, with a background check and urinalysis available upon request

  • Temp-to-hire or Direct-Hire options

  • There are no employment contracts 

  • We manage employees so you will have no additional administrative costs or paperwork

  • Gain a more clear understanding of your employees

  • Open communication lines within your company

  • Create a more efficient and effective workplace

  • Higher understanding of employees means you receive a higher quality product

  • We offer the lowest direct-hire rate in Wisconsin

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