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Whether you are a farm owner looking for an extra hand, or a large manufacturer seeking to hire multiple employees, you have come to the right place! 

Full-Service Staffing and Recruiting

AgriStaff USA excels in providing full-service staffing to our clients. We advertise, recruit, screen, and interview your prospective employees. AgriStaff USA will then process payroll, taxes, reporting, and insurance. Full-service staffing is a great option for companies looking to try out a new employee before hiring them on permanently. It also is beneficial for those looking to reduce managerial time and costs. This option can be used on a short- or long-term basis. 

Direct-Hire Recruiting

Recruiting can be done on a direct-hire basis. AgriStaff USA will recruit top candidates for your available position, pre-screen them, and bring the best candidates for your review. This gives you the opportunity to interview the candidates and get a feel for if they would be a good fit in your situation. Once you have decided on the candidate you would like to hire, you will have the opportunity to hire them on directly as your employee. We offer placements guarantees and assure our involvement during the on-boarding process. 

DairySkills Package

The DairySkills Package will get your farm up-to-date on employee training and informational documents. Completing the DairySkills Package will provide you with the tools to adhere to evolving employee requirements. This package creates consistency for your employees and establishes high ethical and professional standards. The DairySkills Package Includes:

Implement Employee Cow Care Committments
Create or Review Bilingual SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures)
Comprehensive Employee Training

The DairySkills Package will help prepare your dairy for your next National Dairy FARM evaluation. Changing guidelines require more attention be spent on employee training and compliance. Provided on-farm or in our office, the training is given by a bilingual professional who will not only guide employees through the training, but will make sure they fully understand the concepts and principles taught. Training can be customized to your farm's individual needs. 

Member Services and Human Resource Management

AgriStaff USA's human resource management services are available as an ongoing membership. Membership Options are available as either an Elite or Basic Package. Some of the services available to our members include:


  • Employee Placement and Recruiting

  • Employee Training

  • Translation and Support

  • Human Resource Management

  • Monthly Employee Meetings

  • DairySkills Training Package Discount

  • And More...

Pricing for the member services depends on the package you choose and the number of people you employ. Contact us for a brochure and more information. Some services are available individually.


We offer job advertising as an additional route of recruitment. With our advertising option, we will work with you to create a job description, then distribute your information throughout our vast network. Advertisements include social media postings directed towards your ideal audience, newspaper ads, online job boards, word-of-mouth networking, and other avenues. The goal of advertising is to get multiple people to apply with your company so you are able to decide on the best candidate. 

We provide our services to:

  • Agricultural Farms

  • Equestrian Facilities

  • Food Processing Plants

  • Cleaning Services

  • Construction Companies

  • Landscaping Services

  • Manufacturing Companies

  • And more!

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