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Hilbert, WI


Individual will be responsible for maintaining the herd and facilities, including:

· Managing herd health from weanling to finish, work with nursery manager.

· Maintain breeding & vaccination programs and records in DairyComp.

· Help with the management of employees, and training of new employees.

· Work with customers for custom raising heifers.

· Work with the nutritionist, veterinarians, and suppliers.

· Work with management to develop and work within budgets.

This position involves very detailed work, and certain characteristics will help the applicant in achieving

excellent quality.

The ideal candidate will:

1. Have previous herdsman and managerial experience

2. Be able to take direction and work well within a team, but also ability to lead others.

3. Be reliable, responsible, and dedicated.


Experience in the dairy industry, specifically as a herdsman or manager is required, minimum 5 years preferred.

Experience working with DairyComp is preferred. Ability to speak Spanish is a plus, but not required.


The farm is a 3,500 head operation consisting of heifers and steers. The farm also works 2,400 acres for

cropping, and some custom work.

10-12 hours per day

6 days per week

$75,000 per year

To apply, please contact us at 920-286-6106 or

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