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Maternity Technician


We are hiring a maternity technician for a large dairy near Pine River, WI.


  • Monitor all calvings occurring and assist as needed

  • Process all newborns calves according to protocol

  • Process all fresh animals according to protocol

  • Process all fresh colostrum according to colostrum protocol

  • Keep work area, wet room, and calving pens clean

  • Scrape pens in special needs barn (barn 1)

  • Sample all fresh cows/heifers and set a delvo/myco with the sample

  • Make sure all the buckets are clean and sanitized

  • Make sure all the bottles are clean and sanitized

  • Push up feed according to the schedule and record on the sheet

  • Walk pens every hour

  • Assist with down cows/milk fever cows

  • Report to Herd Manager anything that is unusual at night

  • Watch for sick or lame cows

  • Attend routine meetings and training sessions

General Rules / Requirements (For All Employees)

1. Be punctual & manage your time well.

2. Follow the policies and routines established by management.

3. Handle animals calmly, carefully, and respectfully.

4. Be trustworthy and respectful, and work as a team.

5. Keep everything clean and organized.


Supervised by Transition & Calving Manager. Works closely with transition and calving

team and herd manager.


The Night Calving Technician will work 12-hour nights (5pm-5am) according to the

schedule put forth by the Herd Manager. Employees must be dressed and ready for

work by their designated start time.


The night shift maternity technician will receive a salary based on experience.


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