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Seasonal Field Work

We are hiring a seasonal employee to work on an organic vegetable farm starting in April. Hours will be 8 hours a day, 6 days per week. Pay is $11/hour.

Applicant ideally has experience working with vegetable production. Proficiency in the areas of planting, weeding, harvesting, and sorting is a must. It is important to be able to work as a team member, as well as independently when needed. The ability to direct and manage others is preferred. The ability to lift items as heavy as 40# is preferred.

Help with daily chores of farm work in all types of weather. This includes seeding, watering, fertilizing, planting, and weeding of plants. Other tasks include laying mulch, working with irrigation setup, staking and pruning, laying row cover, and light duty construction. Some vegetable washing and processing may be done as well, but most work will be done in the field. Small tools and machinery including knives, hoes, mower, and a rototiller.

Please contact us for a detailed job description and more information on this opportunity.


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