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We are hiring Fabrication employees for a local Kiel, WI company. Fabrication is made up of four main areas, FMS (Laser cutting), Strippit (Turret Punching), Press Brake, and Welding. Everyone in fabrication is part of our cross training program. In fabrication we train our operators to setup and program the machines, load tooling or special fixtures, perform preventative maintenance and quality inspection. The expectation is that a Cell Technician can setup and run products and parts through the cell that meet the customer specifications. Mechanical Aptitude, Problem Solving, Communication Skills, Computer Navigation, Print Reading, and Work Flow Skills are all essential functions to the success of this position.


High School Diploma or GED

Operate computers

Willing to pursue additional training, or outside schooling

Must be able to lift 60 lbs on a consistent basis

Must be able to work in a “think on the fly” and fast environment

Team Player

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